Press Release, December 13th, 2007

Statewide Umbrella Group Formed For Anti-Illegal Immigration Groups


MANASSAS, VA: Five grass-roots organizations engaged at the locality level on the illegal alien issue have joined together to form a state-wide issue advocacy organization called "Save The Old Dominion" which will advocate for the passage of needed legislative reforms by the General Assembly to the Commonwealth's immigration policies. During last year's legislative session, of the fifty bills introduced that would have helped to discourage the unlawful presence of illegal aliens in the Commonwealth, the only one to achieve passage was a bill that established the Virginia Commission on Immigration which will study the issue. "Save The Old Dominion" will help engage Virginia residents with their elected officials in order to improve on that dismal record of legislative failure.

"Last year the illegal alien lobby descended on Richmond in force and pressured the Senate to forego such common-sense reforms as ensuring criminal illegal aliens are deported, making unlawful presence against Virginia law, and ensuring that illegal aliens cannot get in-state tuition rates" commented Joe Budzinski, founder of Help Save Loudoun. "These necessary reforms are supported by a majority of Virginians who had their will subverted by a special interest groups that is hostile to the notion that our local, state and federal laws deserve respect."

Help Protect Culpeper President Jerry Beckett noted that the failure of the General Assembly to address the significant negative impacts that illegal aliens cause in Virginia have left citizens unprotected. "Since the last legislative session, we have seen illegal aliens murder our citizens, molest our children, and cause tremendous property damage that would not have occurred if our state government had only been done its job. Those citizens who have been harmed by illegal aliens cannot legally hold their elected officials accountable for not doing their job at the local, state and federal levels, but they darned well should be able to pressure them, and if necessary embarass them into doing their jobs to protect their constituents. We're going to help make that happen."

"Small businesses rely on a level playing field to succeed and thrive in Virginia" noted Brian Kirwin from Hampton Roads. "The lack of effective enforcement of laws preventing the hiring of illegal aliens, the lack of real solutions to help employers do the right thing, and the failure of the Governor and General Assembly to pass reforms that discourage employers from hiring illegals has created an unfair business climate that rewards employers who break the law. The press reports all too frequently about illegal aliens who are unlawfully employed, sometimes even by companies who are performing work under contracts with state or local government. This absolutely must stop," he said.

Working together with a common strategy and purpose, the member organizations and individuals who make up "Save The Old Dominion" will help Virginia residents effectively engage with their elected officials to promote legislation that will reduce the number of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in the Commonwealth of Virgina. Membership in "Save The Old Dominion" is open to organizations working at the grass-roots level on this issue, and to citizens in localities that do not yet have such organizations. "Save The Old Dominion" will also provide support to groups that want to form with the purpose of promoting legislative reform at the municipal and locality level.

The initial member organizations of Save The Old Dominion are:

Help Save Loudoun
Vienna Citizens Group
Help Save Hampton Roads
Centreville Citizens Coalition
Help Protect Culpeper

Additional organizational members of Save The Old Dominion are expected in the near future.

The website for Save The Old Dominion is

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