Press Release, December 15th, 2007

Save The Old Dominion gains two new organizational members


MANASSAS, VA: Help Save Manassas and Save Stafford, two grass-roots organizations that seek to reduce the number of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in Virginia announced today that they are joining "Save The Old Dominion", which is now one of the largest issue advocacy organizations in the commonwealth. Save The Old Dominion will help to ensure that proposed legislation which strengthens the rule of law, and discourages illegal aliens from residing in Virginia, obtains the active support of thousands of Virginia voters while being considered in the General Assembly.

Help Save Manassas President Greg Letiecq described the challenge as a matter of getting citizens to effectively engage with their elected officials and encouraging them to support much-needed legislative reform. "Last year every bill on this issue save one was killed in Senate Committees, and during that time the public engagement with their elected officials was nearly nonexistent. We've seen how effective citizen engagement can help advance legislation at the local and federal levels, and now it's time to make that happen at the state level as well." During recent efforts to improve Prince William County's approach towards illegal aliens, unprecented thousands of emails and faxes to the members of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors helped demonstrate the level of public support for these reforms. The board unanimously voted in favor of a proposal to restrict county services to illegal aliens and ensure greater scruitiny of suspected illegal aliens by law enforcement on three occasions. Similarly, proposals in the United States Senate to grant amnesty to illegal aliens were defeated under a historic barrage of calls, faxes and emails to senators.

"Individual citizens, in mass numbers, are the best lobbyists in the world" said Mark Jaworowski, Operations Director of Save Stafford. "They can overcome the influence of special interests because they directly represent what politicians need most: loyal constituents. Special interests can offer money, but the purpose of that money is to encourage votes. We offer a more direct path to the ultimate goal, and a more credible threat to that goal should a legislator decide to oppose the wishes of their electorate. In the end, it's all about the votes, and that's what we deliver. Votes beat money, every time."

With the addition of Save Stafford and Help Save Manassas, roughly two thousand additional citizens are being engaged in the upcoming legislative battles in the General Assembly.

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